Envantage offers analytical testing services for horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations. We apply novel technologies to analytical problems as well as a wide array of standardized ASTM and GPA testing methods.

Shale Gas Testing

Shale gas, wet gas, NGL, and tight gas are analyzed in our Natural Gas Testing Laboratory. Among the services provided:

  • Natural gas composition
  • BTU determination
  • Sulfur analysis
  • COS determination

Oil and Condensate Testing

Compositions of oils and condensates are measured with industry standard ASTM gas chromatography methods and other standardized bulk property methods.

Water Quality Analyses

EPA and SW-846 protocols are employed.

Marcellus / Utica Shale Analytical Support

Our close proximity to fraking operations in the Marcellus Utica shale oil and gas play insures fast turn around for your analytical samples. Operators in the area can be assured quality services and support are being delivered through our Marcellus/Utica Shale Testing Program.

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