EPA 601 Halogenated Volatile Organics
EPA 602 Aromatic Volatile Organics
EPA 603 Acrolein and Acrylonitrile
EPA 604 Phenols
EPA 605 Benzidines
EPA 606 Phthalate Esters
EPA 607 Nitrosamines
EPA 608 Organochlorine Pesticides / PCB’s
EPA 609 Nitroaromatics and Cyclic Ketones
EPA 610 Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons
EPA 612 Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
EPA 624 Volatile Organics
EPA 625 Acid Extractables
EPA 625 Base / Neutral Extractables
EPA 625 Base / Neutral / Acid Extractables

This is only a partial listing of the tests available through our full service laboratory. From routine testing to customized research programs, we have the equipment and expertise to address your testing needs.

Please let us know what your requirements are. Contact us with a call or email for a personalized quotation.