D3418 Transition Temperatures and Enthalpies of Fusion and Crystallization of Polymers by DSC
D3850 Rapid Thermal Degradation of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials by Thermogravimetric Method (TGA)
D3895 Oxidative-Induction Time of Polyolefins by DSC
D4591 Temperatures and Heats of Transition of Fluoropolymers by DSC
D5885 Oxidation Induction Time of Polyolefin Geosynthetics by High Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimetry
E1269 Specific Heat Capacity by DSC
E1356 Glass Transition Temperatures by DSC
E698 Kinetic Parameters for Thermally Unstable Materials Using DSC and the Flynn/Wall/Ozawa Method
FTIR for fast polymer identification (including carbon-black filled polymers), delamination studies, contamination, performance failure, microscopic contamination, identity of additives, etc.

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