D2504 Analysis for Noncondensable Gases in C2 and Lighter Hydrocarbon Products
E418 Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons by IR method
E1641 Decomposition Kinetics by Thermogravimetry
E1782 Vapor Pressure by DSC/DTA
E1858 Oxidative Induction Time by DSC
E1868 Loss-on-Drying by Thermogravimetr
E1877 Thermal Endurance of Materials from TGA Decomposition Data
E1952 Thermal Diffusivity / Conductivity by MDSC
E793 Heats of Fusion and Crystallization by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
E794 Melting and Crystallization Temperatures by Thermal Analysis
E928 Mol Percent Impurity by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons by GC method

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