Envantage Hydrocarbon Testing

Hydrocarbon testing is most commonly used in the petroleum industry to test product, product components and petroleum byproducts of crude oil, fuel, natural gas, shale oil, and upstream oil and gas. The Envantage testing laboratory is well equipped with physical and chemical testing equipment (see testing capabilities here). We are prepared to perform routine and non-routine analyses of oil and petroleum, alternative fuels, petrochemicals, biodiesel, hydrocarbons and biofuels. Services include experimentation, research projects, development studies, or analysis.

Highlighted Methods:

Envantage has developed and markets two important software tools used in laboratories around the world: Dragon SimDist (simulated distillation) and Dragon DHA (detailed hydrocarbon analysis). These products are used in our own analytical laboratory.

Simulated Distillation

As the name implies this technique simulates results obtained with a physical distillation. It is used to generate boiling point data for petroleum fractions, gasolines, biodiesel, and other types of samples. In addition, cut point results can be generated and correlations to D86 and D1160 measurements can be calculated. Click here for a complete description of the features of Dragon SimDist.


Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA)

Detailed hydrocarbon analysis provides accurate identification of the hydrocarbon components of feedstocks, fuels, and other refined products. Once the individual components are identified many chemical properties can be calculated. Dragon DHA software generates PONA and PIANO results. In addition to group-type assessments there are many other built in chemical and physical property calculations such as vapor pressure, relative density, RON, PMI, and others. Click here for a complete description of Dragon DHA capabilities.

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