Envantage, Inc. employs highly qualified staff knowledgeable in all aspects of analytical chemistry. We are prepared to support your laboratory in a variety of ways.


Refurbished, repaired, and used instruments come with 90 days warranty.


We provide training in instrumentation, operation, software, and analytical technique.

Annual Service

We offer annual service for your equipment. There are three aspects to our service; any or all of these services can be ordered, depending on your needs. We have worked with clients to create custom plans with clearly defined costs that fit their laboratory budgets.:

1. Preventative Maintenance

Instruments are serviced twice a year to keep them running in top condition

2. Operational Qualification

Instruments are calibrated and validated to be operating within method specifications.

3. Open PO

An Open PO is recommended to you based on the size of your laboratory. If and when service is required the Open PO allows for a quick response on our part. Preferred scheduling and pricing is used for services performed under Open PO. If no services are requested then no charges are made against the PO.

Pay As You Go

Services can also be provided on an as-needed basis with pay-for-service.

Contact Us and we’ll help you design a support plan to get your staff and your instruments in top shape!