Remote training and support services are available to serve a wide variety of needs:

  • Envantage Analytical Software Product Training
  • Chromatography Data System Training
  • Method Development
  • Software/Instrument Troubleshooting
  • Software and/or Analyzer Training for New Employees

For efficient and effective training your laboratory PC should have a connection to the internet to allow direct interaction with your instruments, software, and files.

Laboratories without an internet connection can still obtain remote training and support. Files can be emailed and phone support in the lab can be used. This adds time to the support issue but is still quite effective.

WebEx and TeamViewer

We use WebEx and TeamViewer– online services that give us the ability to view and control remote desktops. Control can be passed back and forth between instructor and student allowing a “hands on” experience for the student.

Prices For Remote Training & Pre-Scheduled Phone/WebEx Support are as follows:


2-HourMinimumCharge          $350.00

Each additional hour              $175.00


Pre-paid with credit card or PO

Prices are for individuals, groups may be priced differently. Optional training manuals priced separately.


The amount of time to allocate for a training or support session can vary widely, depending on your needs. Sessions can be very individualized and geared to a specific need or set up in a classroom style suitable for training a small group.

Contact Us so we can begin a discussion about a remote training or support session that meets your needs.


Examples of Typical Support and Training Situations


New employees:

  1. Your new hire is knowledgeable about instrumentation, the chromatography data system, and the applications. They are familiar with a competitor’s application but need to learn the basics of an Envantage software application.
    —— 2 hours
  2. Your new employee is good with instrumentation and other data systems but new to current chromatography data system and installed application and/or analyzer.
    —– 4 hours for specific application/analyzer training, 8 hours for broader CDS training.
  3. New to chromatography lab
    —– 2  or more days, if specific application training is necessary then allow more time.

 Method Development:

Need help installing a new method in your laboratory? We can work with you to get standards injected, calibration files set up, and simple reports prepared. For most single level methods with standard reports count on 6 – 8 hours. Complex methods and reports will require more time.


Are your results “just not right”? Can’t figure our why? If a method or application has been running well for a long time but has recently developed problems then let us get on your system to see if we can figure it out. Call us to schedule an online session to resolve these types of issues.