Envantage offers world class consulting assistance. Our team is comprised of highly talented and experienced consultants that have served many international organizations with mission critical analysis and consulting needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide timely feedback, and superb problem solving abilities at a reasonable cost.

Service Description

Method Translation Services

Services to speed up chromatographic analyses and/or make the switch from helium to hydrogen carrier gas. Services range from single application translation to full laboratory method translation. Full laboratory translation must be preceded by a full laboratory audit and assessment.
Complete Systems Set-up Applied Methods to Specific Instrumentation
Laboratory Development Automation and Modernization
Method Development Development and Validation of Unconventional Methodologies
On-Site Consultation On-Site Accurate and Reliable Testing
Other Consulting Services Client Requested Laboratory Services
Polymer and Plastics Analysis Analysis of Raw, Intermediate and Finished Polymer Products
Raw Crude Oil Full Range Crude Oil Testing and Assay Management
Scientific Data Integration Data Management
Software Development Client Specific Software Applications