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D2887 Dragon SimDist Simulated Distillation Simdis

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Dragon SimDist© is a simulated distillation and reporting package designed with the petroleum chemist in mind. Developed by chromatographers with over 40 combined years in simdis analysis and methods development, Dragon SimDist© provides a powerful interactive and post-run solution for the needs of today’s laboratory. Calculations are performed in accordance with ASTM, IP, DIN, ISO, and customized methods covering the boiling range of gasoline, jet/diesel, lubricants, biodiesel, crude, and residual sample types

Dragon SimDist© is designed to receive information directly from chromatography data collection packages and is capable of being run in either interactive or automatic modes. Compatible GC Data Acquisition systems include:

  • Agilent ChemStation® (including OpenLAB CDS)
  • EZChrom® (including OpenLAB CDS)
  • Shimadzu Labsolution GC software
  • ChromPerfect©
  • TotalChrom©
  • Any Chromatography Data System capable of AIA (netCDF) output

Dragon SimDist© is also  fully compliant with ASTM E-1947 specifications for AIA Data files and is capable of universally accepting files in CDF format without the requirement of installing vendor specific software drivers.  This allows Dragon SimDist© to be utilized in mixed acquisition environments and with legacy data saved to CDF format.

Dragon SimDist© is characterized by its ease of use and flexibility for the end-user. The software can be set to run from either pre-set ASTM default settings or from custom settings determined by the end-user. The following image displays all reference methods included with Dragon SimDist©, and illustrates the type of products each method can test.

ASTM SimDis Methods

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Note that Envantage Dragon SimDist© includes all methods and modes of simulated distillation analyses. There is no need to purchase extra packages and add-ons when sample analysis needs change. Dragon SimDist© includes the complete range of simdis methods including:

  • ASTM D2887 – Standard Test Method for Boiling Range Determination of Petroleum Fractions by GC
  • External Standard Methods such as ASTM D7169 High Temp SimDis
  • Methods to analyze light hydrocarbon mixtures such as ASTM D3710 and ASTM D7096 (samples with oxygenates)
  • Methods to analyze heavy hydrocarbon mixtures such as ASTM D7213, ASTM D6352, and ASTM D7500.
  • ASTM D7398 FAME (Biodiesels)
  • ASTM D5399 for hydrocarbon solvents
  • Customized and Fast Simdis applications
High Temperature SimDist D7169

D7169 High Temp SimDist (click to enlarge)

Major Features of Dragon SimDist© include:

  • Familiar Dragon© user interface style
  • Real-time recalculation
  • ASTM default and user defined custom settings
  • Intelligent calibration table generation
  • Multiple solvent and artifact  exclusion capabilities
  • D86 and D1160 correlation feature
  • Standalone or automated processing
  • Binary images of the blank, sample, calibration, external standard, and report are stored in the saved SDF result file

Built In Additional Features:

  • Set Custom % off Distillation Reports
  • Custom Cut-Point Reporting
  • Custom QC Reporting
  • Link to Additional Applications upon Completion
  • Send Report Files via Email
  • Customize Reference Oil Lots
  • Customize Boiling Point Libraries
  • Automatic D86 and D1160 Correlation Report Options, With User-Defined D86 and D1160 Correlations That Can Be Made Based on Sample Specific Analysis Data

Dragon SimDist© saves analysis results in the following formats:

  • ASCII text file (.TXT)
  • Comma Delimited Text (.CSV)

Custom analysis output for LIMS interfaces or other integration requirements are available.

User Defined Programs can also be included to extend functionality.

Optional modules available for Envantage Dragon SimDist©:

Free Trial Available

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Current Users: Update Software

Dragon SimDist is continually updated with new features and performance enhancements. Current users can update their software using the following link:

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