ASTM Approves D7900-13: Light Hydrocarbons in Crude Oils

ASTM_D7900ASTM has recently announced a new standard: D7900-13 “Standard Test Method for Determination of Light Hydrocarbons in Stabilized Crude Oils by Gas Chromatography. The standard was developed in a joint effort with the Energy Institute, London and is the technical equivalent of that institute’s IP 601 standard.

D7900-13 stipulates a way to determine the boiling range distribution of hydrocarbons up to nC9. These results can be combined […]

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GCC 2012 – Envantage in booth 224,225

Gulf Coast Conference is right around the corner and Envantage has stepped up it’s game. This year we are not only sponsoring the conference, participating in the technical program, and hosting the best hospitality suite – we are also having a booth on the floor. Among other things, we will be demoing our software and the Da Vinci Liquefied Gas Injector.

Envantage is an integrated analytical chemistry […]

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Envantage Dragon MergeIT Improves Crude Oil Characterization

PerkinElmer published an article in Petro Industry News (October/November 2010 edition) highlighting their S-wafer technology in an article titled “Integrating Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis Data with Simulated Distillation to Improve the Characterisation Of Crude Oils By Gas Chromatography”. In the article Envantage MergeIT software was used to combine SimDis results with DHA results to obtain a more precise characterization of crude oils for an improved boiling point curve.

To read a summary and download a pdf of the article

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