Twenty Five Years of Envantage

Happy 25th Anniversary Envantage Jay Grills (l) and Dave Balazs (r)

In 1993 two guys sporting Tom Selleck mustaches decided to form a company together. The employees of Envantage want to commemorate that occasion by wishing a Happy 25th Anniversary to our fearless leaders – Jay Grills and Dave Balazs!

Jay and Dave met while working in Analytical Sciences at Sohio Research. While there they developed their signature style of applying the latest technologies […]

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Michael Levy Appointed Cleveland ACS Chair-Elect

Michael Levy, Envantage Applications Specialist, has been appointed Chair-Elect for the Cleveland chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS). His chair term will start in 2017.

Michael brings to this appointment his special brand of professionalism mixed with a touch of humor. At Envantage he is involved with the support and development of HPLC, GC, and GC/MS applications for the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Conscientious and detail […]

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In Memoriam: Neil Johansen

One of our closest friends and collaborators, Neil Johansen, passed away Tuesday September 20, 2011 in Aztec, NM. Known to many as the father of DHA, Neil was instrumental in developing the ASTM DHA Methods that we utilize today. Neil became part of our Envantage family in 2004 and contributed to the modernization of his DHA-WIN database which is now available as Dragon DHA.

In his retirement, Neil was an avid fisherman and boater and was considered by […]

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