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Physics of Gas-Liquid Chromatography


Today the modeling of GC retention is confined to G=H-TS Gibbs type equations. From a practical point of view, which is common in the chromatographic lab, column polarity or boiling point cannot be described by this Gibbs equation. Vapor liquid equilibria apply much better to gas chromatography. However, polymer phases have infinite molar mass so molar mass is not defined, impairing application of Henry’s law to GC. Hence thermodynamic theory of GC has continued to model GC as if it […]

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Change GC Carrier Gas From Helium to Hydrogen

Helium Prices: Nowhere but Up!

The price of privately held helium has nearly tripled in the past 10 years. You can find many articles on the internet about the cause of this price increase, including this one in the Washington Post and this one in Popular Mechanics.

The situation is complex and cannot be described in a few sentences but I will try:

Helium PricesThe world’s largest supply of helium is located in […]

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Envantage Method Translation Services Now Available

With every price increase in the cost of helium there is more pressure for laboratories to convert their GCs from helium to hydrogen carrier gas. To meet this need Envantage has developed a superior Method Translation tool to help laboratories maintain their chromatographic separations and peak elution orders. In addition we are now offering Method Translation services:

  1. Consultation: We will audit your laboratory and provide recommendations on analyses that are good candidates for conversion and guidance on […]
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GCC 2012 – Envantage in booth 224,225

Gulf Coast Conference is right around the corner and Envantage has stepped up it’s game. This year we are not only sponsoring the conference, participating in the technical program, and hosting the best hospitality suite – we are also having a booth on the floor. Among other things, we will be demoing our software and the Da Vinci Liquefied Gas Injector.

Envantage is an integrated analytical chemistry […]

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Envantage Method Translator (EMT) Now Available for Purchase

Software for Fast GC Methods Click for larger view

This new tool for chromatographers will help speed the development of Fast GC methods. It was presented at the 2012 International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography and was held in high regard by international experts in the field of chromatography.

EMT is able to simulate n-paraffin chromatograms through nC14 and provides qualitative measurements to see how your new chromatogram stacks up against […]

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