Envantage is a premier support partner for petroleum and petrochemical analytical laboratories around the world. Our broad array of products and services include specialized software applications and a testing laboratory with research and standardized testing capabilities. A main expertise is in the area of analytical instrument support. Our domestic clients rely on us to build standard and custom analyzers. We help keep our client’s labs running smoothly by providing training, instrument repair, and maintenance services. We are pleased to add another capability to our portfolio of testing services that will benefit refinery laboratories and those laboratories that serve refineries. Envantage is now offering service for knock engine testing systems.

Octane Engine Service

Octane, Cetane, and Aviation Test Engine Service

Knock engines are present in many of the laboratories we serve. We offer training and service for octane, cetane, and aviation test engines. Services are broad-ranging and include operational services such as review of ASTM methods D2699, D2700, D613, and D909. Maintenance services include crankcase overhauls, equipment automation, and console upgrades.   International and domestic services are available on-site to provide consulting, support, maintenance, and training. We also have a full-service facility.

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Knock Engine Service Center Facility in Beaumont, Texas

The Envantage Octane Engine Service Center is strategically located in Beaumont, TX. This multi-purpose facility serves as a maintenance, testing, staging, and training center. Standard fuel certifications are available for RBOB-Blend Stocks, Gasoline, and Diesel. Overhauls and engine rebuilds are just two of the full line of services offered. Training in the operation and maintenance of knock engines is also delivered here.

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Knock Engine Service Center

Experienced Knock Engine Professionals

Thomas Grant and Chuck Headworth head up the operation of our knock engine service. Between the two they have 50 years of technical and mechanical experience working with knock engines. Both are members of ASTM D02.01 and participate in many regional groups including Texas, Mid-Continent, and Great Lakes, among others. Thomas and Chuck are responsive to your needs and easily accessible via phone, email.

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