AgilentChannelPartnerEnvantage, Inc. is proud to announce that we have become an Agilent Channel Partner.

Envantage offers customized chromatography hardware and software solutions for GC, GC/MS, HPLC, and SFC for petroleum, petro/specialty chemical, and environmental applications that are greatly improved by full utilization of Agilent’s sales and support portals.

As an Agilent value-added reseller, Envantage now extends factory sales promotions that provide competitive, budget-conscious pricing to our customers, with strengthened technical support on both Agilent hardware and software systems through our active participation in Agilent product service training and educational offerings.

Providing analytical solutions to both routine and challenging requests, and technical support to our customers is the foundation of the Envantage chromatography business. Envantage plans interaction with both the local lab user and the IT group to ensure successful implementation of each new and/or upgraded laboratory equipment and software project. We offer full support of small and large scale chromatography data systems, both standalone and client/server, along with customized essential software components wholly written by Envantage, such as Dragon SimDist, Dragon DHA, MergeIt, etc.…