GCC_LogoThe 2015 Gulf Coast Conference has moved to NRG Center in Houston. You’ll be able to find Envantage easily this year because we’ll be right at the front door. Be sure to come visit us in Booth 502. Tuesday evening we will be holding our traditional hospitality suite. You won’t have to leave the conference facility – after the conference closes for the day take a ride up the escalator and join us for refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.

For our technical program Walter Spieksma will present practical applications of complex chromatographic principles. Tools have been developed to aid in GC and GCxGC method development.

Tuesday – 8:30 AM – Room 608
Peak Prediction: to Coelute or Not to Coelute?
Abstract # 38

To Coelute or Not to Coelute is a question of retention time and peak width. In the GC world, peak purity is the question. Hydrocarbon GC separation on phenylmethyl-silicone stationary phases is computed from the Kovats retention index and n-paraffin solubility in the stationary phase. The Giddings TPGC theory from 1962 needs the computers of today to predict the GC chromatogram according to for example ASTM method D 6730 or the separation of 1-butene and i-butene. n-Paraffin solubility and stationary phase viscosity were derived from isothermal peaks measured on thick film Rtx-1 & Rtx-5 columns. A power point of the determination of the two physical properties of GC separation and a software demo.

Wednesday – 2:30 PM – Room 501
GC×GC method development with GC×GC Simulator
Abstract # 71

Use GC×GC up time more efficient. GC×GC Simulator shows GC×GC peak separations on phenyl-methyl-silicone stationary phases based on column dimensions, pressure, temperature programming and the isothermal Kovats index. Well-defined & reproducible index numbers are stored in an Excel file. GC×GC separation and orthogonality are evaluated by drag and drop of the temperature program. GC×GC Simulator can be applied to all Kovats index-able compounds, from petroleum to environmental analysis. A software demo

See you at the show!