Software for Fast GC Methods

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This new tool for chromatographers will help speed the development of Fast GC methods. It was presented at the 2012 International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography and was held in high regard by international experts in the field of chromatography.

EMT is able to simulate n-paraffin chromatograms through nC14 and provides qualitative measurements to see how your new chromatogram stacks up against your old chromatogram. DHA compositional analyses times can be reduced from hours to minutes. Online DHA can become a reality, replacing spectrometric analyses and the correlations that depend on sample composition DHA can measure.

Linear Velocity Charts of C1 - C14 n-Paraffins

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Laborious ASTM analyses that take hours of run time can be pre-scanned with an equivalent ASTM analysis that is much faster and/or does not using Helium.

CLICK HERE to find more information about the Envantage Method Translator on our website.  On this blog you can find a slideshow on EMT that was presented at the 2011 Gulf Coast Conference. For a complete understanding of the EMT product we have made the manual available for download on the EMT product page.