Envantage provides HPLC applications for the specialty chemical and petrochemical industries, working  to find the best solution for your analytical needs. We utilize a wide variety of HPLC and UHPLC components including:

  • Columns:
    Normal Phase (Cyano, Amino, Silica, etc.), Reversed Phase (C8, C18, C30, etc.), HILIC, GPC/SEC, Mixed-Mode
  • Detectors:
    UV (Variable Wavelength, Diode Array), RI, ELSD
  • Pumps:
    Quaternary, Binary, Isocratic
  • Autosamplers:
    Standard (0.1-100μL)
  • Modules:
    Thermostatted Column Compartment, Vacuum Degasser, Customized Valve Switching Box (Pneumatic/Electric), A/D Converter

Customized calculations and reports can be included, and all  are configured on on PC-based data acquisition and instrument control packages. Envantage delivers a completely supported, robust solution that can be built on your existing hardware, or with hardware provided by Envantage. Full user documentation, training, and technical support is provided on all Envantage HPLC applications.

Envantage has collaborated with clients to develop specialized HPLC applications and test methods. Examples include:

  • Analysis of Saturate and Aromatic Core Content in Heavy Petroleum Distillates
  • Determination of Organic Acids and Sugars from Biomass Fermentation
  • Separation and Determination of Dihydroxyacetone and its Derivatives in Sample Extracts
  • Determination of Phenols and Methylphenols in Ambient Air

We offer consultation and support services to laboratories running  or seeking to develop custom HPLC applications.

Click the following links to learn more about several standard analyzers. This is a partial listing; contact us with your analytical requirements:

Envantage Middle Distillates Analyzer ASTM D6591
Envantage Lube Basestock Analyzer ASTM D7419
Envantage Aviation Fuels Analyzer ASTM D6379
Other HPLC ASTM / IP (EN) Applications
HPLC Columns