…consists of a combination of two analyzers that feature the Envantage High Temperature SimDist (D7169 / IP 545) and Envantage Light Ends DHA  (D7900 / IP 601) Analyzers plus the Envantage Dragon MergeIt merging calculation software.

Two Are Better Than One

Dragon MergeIt software combines the results of the two analyses to produce a “higher” resolution than what is normally obtained by either the DHA Light Ends analysis or the High Temperature SimDist analysis without using the MergeIt calculations employed.

Upgrade Your Existing System

Note that the Envantage SimDist/DHA Light Ends/MergeIt GC Bundle is also available as an upgrade to existing SimDist and DHA hardware and software systems. We will utilize either Envantage or non-Envantage SimDist and DHA hardware and software packages already installed on various data systems to provide a cost-effective means to obtain this highly desirable analytical tool.

Envantage SimDist/DHA MergeIT Bundled Application

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