…is a single instrument solution that determines specific impurities in ethylene and propylene streams in a single injection utilizing a three detector (FID, methanizer, mass spectrometer), multiple column gas chromatographic system.  The following list of components are analyzed:

  • Arsine (50 ppb wt minimum)
  • Phosphine (50 ppb wt minimum)
  • H2S (1 ppm wt minimum)
  • Carbonyl Sulfide (1 ppm wt minimum)
  • Methanol (1 ppm wt minimum)
  • Carbon Dioxide (1 ppm wt minimum)
  • Carbon Monoxide (1 ppm wt minimum)
  • Propadiene (1 ppm wt minimum)
  • Methylacetylene (1 ppm wt minimum)
  • Balance of C1 to C5 saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons at ppm and/or percent levels
  • Other components are possible by request

This system can be provided on a wide variety of new and refurbished GC and chromatography data systems.