…feature Envantage’s own  Dragon SimDist software.  Utilizing a “less is more” hardware approach for ease of operation and maintenance, we deliver AND support full-range simulated distillation bundled analyzers built on the widest variety of manufacturer’s model GCs and data systems, with configurations based upon ASTM, IP, DIN, ISO, and customized methods covering the boiling range for gasoline, jet/diesel, lubricants, biodiesel, crude, and residual sample types. The following chart lists all reference methods included with Dragon SimDist, and illustrates the type of products the methods test:

ASTM SimDis Methods

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Agilent 6890Fully customizable cutpoints and reports with correlations for D86 and D1160, and calculation of flash point per D7215 are all standard features in the Envantage Dragon SimDist software.  In addition to the flame ionization detector, optional sulfur and/or nitrogen specific detectors can be added for CSN simulated distillation with customized reporting options on most chromatography data systems. Please Contact Us for expert assistance with your simulated distillation needs.