Simulated Distillation Software

For the Petroleum Chemist

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Calculations are in compliance with all major standards

  • ASTM

  • IP

  • DIN

  • ISO

Sample Types

Standard and customized methods cover sample types across a broad boiling range

  • Gasoline

  • Jet / Diesel

  • Lubricants

  • Biodiesel

  • Crude

  • Residual Sample Types

Chromatography Data Systems

Information is received directly from a variety of chromatography data collection packages and is capable of being run in either interactive or automatic modes

  • Agilent ChemStation®
    (including OpenLAB CDS)

  • EZChrom® (including OpenLAB CDS)

  • Shimadzu Labsolution GC software

  • ChromPerfect©

  • TotalChrom©

  • Any Chromatography Data System
    capable of AIA (netCDF) output

DragonII Simdis© is also  fully compliant with ASTM E1947 specifications for AIA Data files and is capable of universally accepting files in CDF format without the requirement of installing vendor specific software drivers.  This allows DragonII Simdis© to be utilized in mixed acquisition environments and with legacy data saved to CDF format.


PreSet Methods

D7096 • D2887 • D7213
D7500 • D6352 • D7169

In addition, DragonII Simdis© can accommodate customized and Fast Simdis applications. Other ASTM standardized methods that can be set up include:

D7398 FAME (Biodiesels)
D5399 (Hydrocarbon Solvents)
D6417 (MOV)

The following chart shows the boiling ranges of various standard methods and the products that fall within those ranges