Dragon MergeIT Boiling Point Analysis Software

HTSD D7169 and DHA D6730 Chromatograms

Dragon MergeIT© Software allows precise, accurate molecular and yield monitoring of whole crude and condensate samples by combining front end Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis data (DHA – ASTM D7900/IP 601) with High Temperature Simulated Distillation data (HTSD – ASTM D7169/IP 545). It is an Excel-driven calculator with the ability to recalculate boiling point distribution at higher than normally reported resolution after accurately merging the two results.

Dragon MergeIT© is multiplatform and receives output files from a variety of commercial DHA and HT Simdis vendors such as:

  • Envantage Dragon SimDist and Envantage Dragon DHA
  • Separation Systems
  • AC / Analytical Controls
MergeIT Boiling Point Report

MergeIT Boiling Point Report (click for larger view)

Dragon MergeIT© Software provides added value to all aspects of asset management quality monitoring including:

  • Production
  • Storage
  • Supply Chain
  • Refining

Extend Functionality By Integrating User Defined Programs

Envantage Dragon MergeIT©  is also available as an Envantage Bundled Application that includes onsite setup with user training and full system (hardware + software) technical support. An Envantage Dragon MergeIT© bundled analyzer system includes 2 GCs (yours or ours, new or used), your choice of data acquisition software, Dragon MergeIT© software, with PC. (Click here for more information about Envantage Bundled Applications)

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